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Avatar Review

Not for the faint of heart

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What is avatar_review?
avatar_review is a new community in which LiveJournal users' images are judged on a point-rank basis. The categories are: Bizarre Factor, Beauty Factor, Originality Factor, Standard Deduction, Overall Total, Final Thoughts.

  • View the latest reviews in this community as a reference to your reviews. Follow the same format, including the image at the very top of the review, and the categories with point reference following after the image.

  • This community is about reviewing avatars (user images), not people. Therefore:

  • Do not engage in personal attacks or slander.

  • Do not post images that others will find offensive.

  • Failure to meet the last two instructions will result in the reporting to LiveJournal's Abuse Team.

    Want to review?
    Our community is open to everyone, but you must be a member to post a review. The moderators will not provide editing services. Please try to make sense, and keep a professional manner in your reviews.

    Want to be a moderator?
    Simply comment to this post for consideration. If accepted, you will receive a message from the maintainer.

    This community is provided for entertainment purposes only. Be prepared for harsh criticism of your image(s), but be prepared to laugh as well.

    This community is based on an entry by backwardhatclub and maintained by fusion260, the alter-ego of fullmanator.

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