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it's me An impartial review of backwardhatclub's user icon.

Hot shit coming through! First off we've got the Coral Spring Kruel Classic basketball T-shirt (number 6), this shirt was actually worn by me when I played and not bought at a thrift shop, so 6 points for shirts with providence. Look ma, I'm emo I don't even look at the camera. On the other hand, at least I didn't cross my arms while being photographed, so I'm gonna take away 4 points for cliche emo pose. I gotta ask, why is this dude hiding his face? What is on there that he doesn't want us to see? Usually when someone hides their face you know what that means; leprosy! I personally can't think of another reason someone wouldn't look directly into the camera when they were being imaged, other than leprosy. That'll be 4 points off for horrific skin boils and high pain thresholds. The saving grace of this photo is tiny arms! look at the size of the arms compared to the body... TINY. Excellent T-rex imitation is worth at least 7 points. So the total for this picture comes out to a big 5.

As far as Bizarre Factor or Beauty Factor or whatever, fuck it. There doesn't need to be a format. Also despite the community rules I plan to engage in copius personal attacks AND slander. Maybe even LIBEL since this is all in writing. Yeah, I said, girls rub on your titties.
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